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Switch to sustainable RFID technology with Oomph Made

We'll help you along the way. You'll reforest the planet with your orders, choose certified materials, and become part of a big, green movement. There are opportunities for sustainability improvement at every level of your RFID technology supply chain - from design and material selection to production, distribution, and recovery.


Our commitment to sustainability

Read more about our sustainability mission and find out which products will help your brand become a pioneer in eco-friendliness.


Our range of eco-friendly products

Choose from Pulper wood fibre, American Hardwood or Alentejo Cork, FSC certified materials.

We can also now embed them with environmentally friendly RFID technology to ensure you can recycle your cards after use.

Order now, plant now

Let's reforest the planet with your orders

By ordering custom cards from Oomph Made, you get a chance to plant trees all over the world. Based on your order, we calculate the number of trees you can plant. And it's always more than you use.

We teamed up with Ecologi - people who bond with nature and to help it get back on its feet. Ecologi is a non-profit environmental charity on the mission of global reforestation.

Help us reforest the planet

Together with Ecologi we've planted 558 trees so far.

View our forest

FSC certification

Certified. Credible. Honest.

Sustainable forest management is crucial to our environment. That's why Oomph Made teamed up with FSC® - the most reliable forest management system in the world.

FSC certification is available for Pulper, Cork and Wood cards. Not only is this mark proof of your sustainable values, but it also ensures that smallholders and indigenous peoples are supported.


Get advice from sustainability experts

Oomph Made operates as an extension of your team and gives you access to world-class experts in sustainable RFID technology, card engineering, personalisation, supply chain and logistics.

Use case / Formula E

Plastic-free trackside tech

Formula E is committed to eliminating non-recyclable materials such as plastic VIP passes and lanyards from landfill sites, so it is no surprise that plastic-free is high on their agenda for change.

Insights from our blog

Learn more about our sustainability activities inside and outside of Oomph Made.

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Ready to make your supply chain more sustainable? Let us show you what Oomph Made can do.

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